Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What If No One Wants to Hear?

Last week I shared what Childbirth Conversations are and why we should have them. Today I want to talk about how to handle it when no one seems to want to hear.

In our individualistic culture, many times we have stories to share and it seems as if no one cares about our story. This is true in all areas of life. And when we have something we want to share it is heartbreaking when no one wants to hear how amazing or even terrible something is. We all want someone to share with us in those moments.

So when no one wants to hear about your pregnancy and/or birth experience, what can you do?

1. Go to God and tell Him your story. Yes, He already knows it, but He delights in hearing from His daughter. Tell Him your story.

2. Write it down. Whether you are able to share verbally or not, I recommend writing down your birth story so you can share it later when someone does want to hear. You can also share it with your child when they get older. What a blessing to pass down.

3. Listen first. Sometimes someone needs a listening ear so that they can then listen. Everyone needs a listening ear and you can give that to them. It opens up communication so that you can share your story and each of you can learn from the other.

4. Tell it anyway. If someone asks how you are tell your story, even if it seems like they don't care. You never know when what you say may encourage them or may help them in some way. Let God use your story, even if it seems like they're not listening.

We all have a story. We all need to tell of what God has done. Sometimes it takes people telling them to help others learn to hear, especially in the are of birth, We all need each other. God designed us this way. So boldly tell your story. You have no idea who you will help.

Who do you need to share with today?

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