Interviewing Potential Providers

Choosing a provider for your prenatal care and birth can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes you have limited options due to insurance or where you live, but it is still wise to ask questions of anyone who will be providing health care for you and your baby during your pregnancy and childbirth. Pray God would give you a direction and peace about whoever you use. Remember He is the one ultimately in control of your pregnancy and birth.

Below are questions that I recommend asking anyone, whether you choose to use a doctor, certified nurse midwife, certified midwife or certified professional midwife.

What is your view of birth? (Do they see it as a natural process that they are helping in or as a medical "problem" to be managed.)

What is your C-section rate?

At how many weeks will you do a non emergent c-section if needed? 

How do you  feel about natural childbirth? Alternative medicine during pregnancy and childbirth? (Whether you plan to have medical interventions or not this will help you know if they are on your team.)

What hospital/birth center do you deliver at?

What is your induction rate?

What is your policy on performing inductions?

What are your preferred methods of induction?

Do you/anyone in the practice deliver breech babies vaginally? (If you are desiring to avoid a c-section at all cost, you need to know this. Most places to not.)

What is your view on epidurals in labor? (Are they going to push one on you even if you don't want it.)

What procedure do you use for circumcision?

What positions do you allow during labor?

What are your rules for positions and getting up after my water has broken?

Are there any screenings or tests that you require? Can I refuse any tests?

If you provider is in a group, ask how the group feels about these things as well. Attempt to get the best picture possible before deciding. 

This list is not exhaustive. If you have other questions you feel are important please pass them along and I will add them to this list.


  1. I would also suggest you ask their policies for once the membranes are ruptured entail...I had a free-moving first labor after my water broke. A different doctor for the second labor had me ask permission to use the bathroom after he ruptured my membranes. My third labor, and third doctor, required me to use a bed-pan after he ruptured my membranes. I would not ever suggest the third doctor's method. My fourth and fifth labors were again with a midwife and she allowed me to labor in whatever position and use the bathroom freely. After number three, I made my husband swear to me he wouldn't let that happen again. It was not only awkward, but very uncomfortable.

    So, with all that above in mind, I repeat, ask your potential birth provider what kinds of laboring positions and options they allow during labor, pre-membrane rupture and post.

    1. Yes, good thoughts! Thank you, Laura. I will add them to the list soon.


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