About Emmie

Hi! My name is Emmie and I'm glad you have found your way to Childbirth Conversations.

I'm the wife of my wonderful husband Jim and we have 6 children with number 7 coming in July or August. I have really been blessed by my family and my experiences with childbirth, both personally and professionally. Before my children were born I worked in labor and delivery as both a tech and RN at Northside Hospital in Atlanta giving me a lot of hands on experience in childbirth on the medical side. Having had 6 unmedicated births thus far I have been given a lot of hands on experience in childbirth on the natural side. From all of this I have grown to love birth and love educating and preparing women for childbirth!

Some other things to know about me: I love Jesus, writing, being with people, reading, watching TV, learning other languages and cultures and wrestling with who God has created me to be.

God has given me many passions and I am thankful He has given me the opportunity to pursue the avenue of educating women about Childbirth on this forum.

Thank you for stopping by and please jump into the conversation.

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