Saturday, July 30, 2016

Preparing Spiritually for Childbirth with Kids

We know kids are a blessing. The Bible makes the truth of this very clear. But sometimes they can feel very inconvenient. It's easy to talk about preparing spiritually, having time to read, pray, reflect when there is no one around or you have the ability to make your own schedule for the most part. But let's be honest, when there are kids involved it makes it a lot harder.

Anyone who knows me or has been following this blog knows that I have 6 kids and am preparing for my 7th birth. Guess what. It's not been nearly as easy preparing this time around! I find myself shorter in temper quite often and doubting that God will bring this baby. I read my Bible while dealing with fights, disobedience, dirty diapers and kids screaming just because. I yell please be quiet for just a few minutes so I can pray. It's not easy.

So how can we do this when we have kids in the house demanding most of our attention?

Pray Without Ceasing

God commands us in His Word to do this anyway (1 Thessalonian 5:17). How much more do we need to do this when preparing for birth and caring for young ones! Be in constant contact with your Lord and Savior. He knows your heart and your life. Bring it all to Him and let Him fill you up.

Share With Your Kids

There are times I look at my kids and say, "I'm hurting" or "I'm struggling" and we talk about the baby and that is hard. We sometimes pray together or they pray for me. Sometimes it ends with just a statement and them moving on to something else. I'm not always great at it, but I do let my kids know I am human and that being pregnant is hard even though it is a great gift.

Read When You Can

I do read my Bible over breakfast most mornings, but it is still chaotic with everyone running around. Therefore I sometimes need to find other opportunities to dig into God's Word. I haven't done as well this time, but during our reading hour I may read more Scripture. If I am able to get up before my kids (which has not been often this time) I will read before they get out of bed. Another idea is to leave a Bible open in a place you often work and read while doing a common chore. You can put Scripture around the house on cards, windows, mirrors, etc. Find away to read God's Word everyday.

Memorize Scripture with Your Kids

Memorizing Scripture is so important to preparing. Instead of doing it on your own, pick a verse or passage and teach it to your kids. They need to memorize God's Word as much as you do. And they'll love doing something with you. They also give you a challenge because frequently they will memorize it faster than you!

Plan Time By Yourself

This obviously will be easier for some than others. By God's grace Jim has a flexible schedule and I am able to get away for a Mama's Day Out before each birth, which is the majority of the day. Even if you can just get a couple of hours, it can be a great benefit to have time by yourself to pray, read, write in a journal and reflect on what is to come.

These are just a few ideas. Maybe you have more to share. How do you prepare spiritually for birth with kids in your house?


  1. I totally agree with you. Preparing for my last baby was a challenge spiritually. There are still majority of time I am not able to read my bible. But I know I can always pray. Thank you for this list. It was well needed.

    1. So thankful that this was helpful for you today! God is good to provide what we need.


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