Thursday, July 21, 2016


Organizing is more up my alley when it comes to nesting. When adding another person to the house, there is a lot to think about. What do you need right away? What can wait until later? Where is the best place to put the furniture, clothes, diapers, etc? So many things to think about when preparing for a little one. Now that I'm preparing for the 7th, it's even crazier!

In the next week my nesting and organizing will be kicking into high gear as I figure out the best solutions for our ever growing family. One of the biggest guesses is the gender. We don't know if this baby is a boy or a girl, so we will be using a tub of newborn and 0-3 month clothes to start out. Either way, we will then need to figure out where the baby's clothes will go after he/she comes home from the hospital. This means we need to make some space! Things will need to be moved around so that we have a drawer ready to welcome clothes.

Sleeping! This is important when coming home. We need to once again move beds around to have a place for the baby in our room. This also means moving the stuff in our room to make a place for the bed (also known as a pack-n-play). This is a challenge when kids are often sleeping in our room or the rooms we need to make room in, but some how it needs to get done!

Our other major thing is finding places for things that do not yet have places or have not been put back. These is the hardest part of having so many littles! So we will be working on getting things in a place before baby comes so that the kids know where to put them when I say clean up.

This is just a glimpse of organizing for us, but it's a necessary part of getting ready for a new little one. How do you organize?

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