Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why is it Important to Prepare Spiritually for Childbirth?

Giving birth is a spiritual event. No matter what your personal convictions are, there is something beyond the physical that transpires when you have a baby. As a Christian, it is seen even more, because we know that the beginning of all life lies with God and Him creating humanity and we have the creator living inside of us to aid us in birth. Eve said in Genesis 4:1, "With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man." The very first record of birth states that it is with God's help life has come forth.

It is no less true today. Without God there would be no birth, no life. He is the One who forms us in the depths of our mother's wombs. He is the One who builds our houses. He is the One who protects and guides. We need God for everything, and this is just as true in birth.

Today in our individualistic society it is easy to think, "I'll just go have a baby" and think we can do it on our own. But we can't. We need God to start and sustain our labor. We need God to keep the baby alive. We need God to give us the strength to push. We need God to heal our bodies. Because of sin, not everything goes the way God intended when He created the world, and that truth alone shows me how much more we need Him.

We need to be confident that the Lord will do what is best, even if it's not what we want. We need to believe that He is working for our good and His glory. We need to take every fear and doubt to Him. Birth is not easy. Pregnancy is not easy. Motherhood is not easy. Life is not easy.

But when we know the One who holds all things together and surrender to Him, even when it makes absolutely no sense to our human minds, we can make it through, no matter what comes our way. And that is why we need to be prepared spiritually for birth. This preparation can take as many forms as there are births. There is not one way to do it.

I like to remind myself of these truths and reflect on the One who made birth, especially when I'm sitting here ready to move forward, and it seems as if the day will never come. I pray Psalms that have touched me deeply and remind me of who God is. I sing praise songs and remind myself that God is who is to be praised. I pray and fight and wrestle with my flesh. I let God into the mess of my heart. It's not easy, and it's not pretty, but in the end a beautiful story of grace comes out and I get to, once more, tell of what God has done for me.

Why do you think this is important? How do you prepare spiritually for childbirth?

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