Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Memorize Scripture

I cannot tell you how important memorizing Scripture is for pregnancy and childbirth. As I discussed yesterday, Satan loves to attack pregnant women with lies. The only way to combat lies is with Truth, and what better Truth to fill our minds with than the Truth of God's Word.

Where should you begin? That is really up to you. I would recommend a Psalm or a passage that has meant a lot to you in your walk with the Lord. You can never memorize too much so just start somewhere. Once you get down a verse move on to another and another. If there is something you are struggling with find verses that specifically combat the lies you are hearing.

For labor, memorize verses about life and the gift of children. Memorize a Psalm that brings comfort. Memorize verses that focus on God's character and Him being your strength. Whatever will help you focus on God and the gift that He is giving you, memorize it! It helps so much.

If you are not yet pregnant start memorizing now! It is so much easier to memorize before pregnancy brain sets in.

The more of God's Word you have hidden in your heart, the easier it will be to fight whatever comes your way. God has given us the Sword of the Spirit so that we can know Him and He will fight with us.

What Scriptures have helped you during your pregnancy and delivery?

*If you are reading this and are not a Christian and would like to know more about this please feel free to ask. I would love to share what God has done in my life!

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