Friday, March 21, 2014


Right now you are probably thinking, "what does reconciliation have to do with preparing for birth?" In Redeeming Childbirth, Angie Tolpin shares how having unresolved problems with loved ones or sin we have not repented of can effect our progress in labor. Reading this after my 4th delivery made some things make so much sense.

I remember as I labored thinking that it was hard. It didn't feel any worse than my other labors, but after it was over something was just not the same as it had been with the other three. When I read about riffs between us causing difficulty in labor I knew that that was what had happened. Right before Gabriel was born I had been hurt deeply, but did not dealt with it. I took it to the Lord, but never approached the other person about how they had hurt me and open up for reconciliation. I honestly believe this effected me so much in labor and I even resisted pushing! My deep emotional pain greatly effected my birth.

Do you have an issue with someone that needs to be dealt with? Have you sinned greatly and not reconciled with God and others you have sinned against? I encourage you to deal with it now! Do not delay. We are told many times in Scripture to take care of sin immediately, so do it. If you have been hurt, graciously make it known. Allow God to heal your relationships and you so that you are not hindered.

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