Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Praying for Your Baby

As I draw close to giving birth to my 5th child, I have realized how little I have prayed for this baby as I have the others. I firmly believe you should be praying for your baby from the day you find out you are pregnant. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world. We get busy and we forget! I hate to think how I much I have neglected to pray for our newest member, but God is gracious to us, reminds us and we can pray fervently when we do remember.

What, then, do I pray for the child as I wait? I pray first for health and safety for the baby in delivery. I pray for the child to know God and have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. (I completely believe this should be first, but honestly it comes out second most of the time.) I pray for the baby to move, to be strong and active as it waits to be born. I pray that the delivery will be quick and smooth for the child and that it will not have trauma. I pray for Christlikeness in the baby as it grows. I ask God to reveal ways that I can specifically pray for the baby that I do not yet fully know. Go to the Bible and pray Scripture over your baby. Find your favorite passage and pray if your your child.

There are many specific things you can pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how to best pray for your baby.

What do you pray for your baby?

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  1. I always prayed to be blessed with a baby that would grow to be Godly, healthy, and happy.


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