Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prolonged Labor

Prolonged labor can sometimes be used as a reason to do a c-section, in spite of everything else going well. What is prolonged labor? That is hard to say. Every woman is different and every labor is different. Medically speaking it is greater than 24 hours in a first time labor and greater than 16 hours in subsequent labors. However some can last even longer if there early labor takes a while. 

If you are wanting to avoid a c-section or other medical interventions if at all possible, stay home as long as possible. Doctors will watch the clock and time closely. If things seem to be going well and you are comfortable at home, wait until labor becomes more intense before going in to the hospital, generally speaking. Again pray the whole time and seek God's wisdom in knowing when to go to the hospital, if that's what your choosing. 

Prolonged labor can put added stress on the baby. Again, ask for wisdom throughout. Labors can take 36 to 48 hours if you are slow moving. This does not necessarily mean that anything is wrong, but it could be a sign of complication. 

Have you had long, drawn out labors? Did you have interventions? Share your experience!


  1. Great article on this I just found on a friend's facebook page. Check it out!

  2. My first labor was 39 hours from the first contraction to delivery. I was very slow to dilate and am so grateful that the staff that took care of me once I got to the hospital (almost hour 24) never mentioned a c-section.

    1. What a huge blessing! Praise God for that!


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