Monday, March 17, 2014

Preparing for Birth With Kids

As I prepare for the birth of my 5th child I have realized how little preparing I have done! Around 34 weeks I discovered that I had not prayed, stretched, breathed or thought much about this birth and how not good that really is. We should be preparing to give birth from the moment we find out we are expecting. Why? Because it really does take that long to prepare. There is a reason that God gives us around 40 weeks (generally) to prepare to bring a life in the world. Much needs to be done in our hearts, our minds and sometimes our bodies to help us do this. So at 34 weeks, when life was at a whirlwind and all I wanted to do was quit I started thinking about really preparing for what will be happening soon. Some thoughts on what I am seeking to do to prepare.

1. I'm planning a Mama's Day to spend time relaxing and praying
2. I'm being more diligent in taking long showers to have a few minutes of quiet to talk to the Lord without other voices in the back ground
3. I'm getting up earlier to spend more time in the Word and praying before beginning the day
4. I'm scheduling rest times that, if possible, can turn into naps
5. I'm writing in my journal more
6. I'm finding times to practice relaxing and breathing to prepare for these things in labor
7. I'm seeking to pray more throughout the day
8. I'm preparing music that I find helpful in worshiping for labor
9. I'm getting my house and daily life things in order
10. I'm seeking more help to get done what needs to be done

These may seem like normal everyday things, but when they are purposed toward preparing yourself for labor and delivery they are more than just everyday things. God wants us to purpose our time well, and preparing to have a new life in your home is a great purpose that brings God glory.

How do you prepare to give birth? What are things you find useful or needed?

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  1. It was always a big comfort to me to watch as many "A Baby Story" episodes and read as many birth stories as I could. I felt like that was my homework to prepare me for my labors. I also felt it was vital to pray for my baby's health and safe delivery. I'm a big "To Do" list person, so I always had a list with everything that my husband or I needed to do. Just knowing there was an organized plan to take care of things, reduced my anxiety.


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