Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Breaking Your Water

What is involved with my provider breaking my water for me?

The provider will do a pelvic exam, locating the cervix and amniotic sac, and use a tool called an amniohook to break a hole in the amniotic sac.

Should I let my provider break my water?

This is something that must be bathed in prayer. From a professional standpoint, I think it generally unwise if done too early in labor, especially with first births. The reason for this is I saw this happen to many people who ended up with infections, c-sections that could have been avoided or both. 

For some, breaking the water really speeds up labor and it is a good idea. For others it has no effect in the labor process. With a first delivery you do not know how your body will respond to the water breaking so pray for lots of wisdom on whether or not you should allow this. If you have been in labor for a long time and are desiring to see if it will help speed up the process, I recommend waiting until at least 5 cm if not 7 cm dilated, as those are the 2 numbers people seem to stall out at. Again this is based on my experience. 

Your water breaking puts you on a clock as well. Generally speaking providers like for you to be delivered within 24 hours of your water breaking. If you are not delivered by 24 hours it makes most providers nervous. It also increases likelihood of infection and antibiotics may be started to hopefully prevent infection.

I cannot emphasize enough, pray for guidance in this. Allowing them to break your water can be of great benefit, but it can also cause issues. God knows, so ask Him!


  1. Only once have I had my water broken for me and that was God's grace. Generally speaking I prefer not to have it done artificially, but there can be a time and a place for it. It saved Lillian's and my life.

  2. My water broke twice on its own and twice the doctor broke it for me at 6 cm (first labor) and 8 cm (fourth labor). Having my water broken did not speed up either labor and thankfully did not complicate them. I prefer my water to break on its own, but only because that's my clear indicator that I'm in real labor. :)


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