Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I am well aware of how controversial and sensitive the discussion of circumcision can be. That being said I want to simply give an overview of circumcision and the ways they perform circumcision.

Circumcision is when the foreskin is loosened from the head of the penis and then removed. This is a very quick procedure in newborns and generally has no major side effects as long as everything goes well. There are 3 major ways they perform circumcisions: Mogen Clamp, Gomco Glamp and Plastibell.

Mogen Clamp

The Mogen clamp is a metal hinge shaped device. Using this device does not require a cut in the foreskin before using it. The foreskin is pulled through the hinge of the clamp. The clamp is then closed and locked for about 90 seconds to crush the foreskin, which helps to decrease bleeding. The foreskin is then surgically removed.

The Advantages of this device are that it takes less time than the other two and it is the least likely to lead to infection, excessive bleeding and/or swelling.

The Disadvantages are that there is a greater potential to accidentally remove the tip of the penis and fewer doctors know how to use it or are less comfortable with it.

Gomco Clamp

The Gomco Clamp is a metal device that is shaped like a bell that fits over the end of the penis. The baby's foreskin is stretched over the bell and the clamp tightened. If the foreskin is not retractable I cut in the foreskin will be made. Once the clamp is tightened the foreskin is then surgically removed.

The Advantages of the Gomco are that it allows for easy removal of foreskin and tissue, has good cosmetic results and many doctors are familiar with it.

The Disadvantages of it are that it is more complex than other circumcision procedures, more likely to cause excessive bleeding and more likely to remove too much skin from the shaft of the penis.

Plastibell Device

The Plastibell Devise is a plastic device slipped between the foreskin and the penis. A cut in the foreskin is usually required to place the device properly. A sterile string is tied around the device and over the foreskin to cut off the blood supply. Foreskin tissue is trimmed and the device removed leaving the string in place. The tissue under the string dies and falls off about 10-12 days after the procedure.

The Advantages to this device are different sized bells allow for custom fit to each baby, has good cosmetic results and many doctors are familiar with it.

The Disadvantages of this are an increased risk of excessive bleeding than the Mogen and infection is more likely.

I hope this is helpful in giving an overview. Please feel free to ask additional questions. Also please share your experience. I ask you be sensitive in sharing your opinion on any of this.


  1. My three sons had successful circumcisions with plastibell devices. I would recommend this method.

  2. I like the plastibell best myself, though only one has been done this way.

  3. Our first son must have had one of the first two procedures. We had strict instructions as to after-care: liberal vaseline, gauze pads, washcloth rinses. It was way more time-consuming than our other two sons' plastibell procedures. There were almost no after-care instructions. The plastibell protected the incision from sticking to the diaper. The hardest part of it was at the end when it was close to falling off, like the umbillical stump. It continues to get loose and we were afraid to hurt him while changing him. Still, I would say we were more Comfortable with the plastibell.


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