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Lillian's Birth- Listen to the Holy Spirit

From the Archives

I put a subtitle on this birth because Lillian's birth was the one that showed me only God knows completely what is going on 100% of the time. Saturday, May 1, 2010, I woke feeling foggy and weird. I was used to be tired, but this morning something was different. I got Jamey up was getting him ready to go to the grocery store to pick up a few needed things. While we were getting ready my nose began to bleed a little bit. This clued me in that something was not right as I have never, to my knowledge, had a nose bleed. Since I was going to Publix, I decided to have the clinic there check my blood pressure. Jim was unavailable as he was working nights and at the time sleeping at my grandmother's condo in case someone called wanting to see the house. At Publix, the nurse practitioner checked my blood pressure: 140/100. I normally ran 110/60, so this was quite high for me. She waited 10 minutes, and checked again. The same. I got the few things I needed, went home and called my midwife. Thankfully it was Harriet on call and she knew me well. With my blood pressure that high she told me to go on to the hospital as we both expected I was developing pre-eclampsia (or PIH). I called Jim to wake him and was able to get one of my sisters to the house to watch Jamey. I don't remember the time but sometime in the afternoon we got to Northside and checked in.

I was put on the antepartum side to be evaluated. Thankfully there was nothing horrible in my blood work, but I was clearly developing pre-eclampsia and at 38 weeks and 5 days I would not be going home.

I should interject here that I was bound and determined not to be induced again and had begged God to not make me go through it a second time. This is God's sense of humor.

Since I would not be going home Jim and I decided it would be best to go ahead and be induced. The Holy Spirit was clearly telling me to do it as well, as much as I hated the idea. They moved me to a labor room and got me ready for the overnight medicine to help the cervix. I was blessed to have nurses and knew and loved (though I was no longer working when I had Lillian). I opted to take an Ambien and slept very well all night long.

In the morning I was 4cm! I was so thankful for that. I was able to get up and shower before the pitocin got started. Around 6 am or so everything got going. I dozed between contractions and waited for midwife change of shift. I was so thankful to have Kristy! When she came in she asked the dreaded question, "Do you want me to break your water?"

I NEVER wanted to have my water broken. It was on my "thou shalt not" list. Thankfully she gave me some time to think and talk to Jim. I was torn because I had a feeling it would really speed up my labor but if it didn't I was scared of being on the clock to deliver. Again, the Holy Spirit clearly said to me, let them break your water. Jim encouraged the same. So I agreed and at 8:45 my water was broken by the midwife.

Labor moved VERY quickly and an hour later, Lillian was born without me having to push at all! It was amazing!

Then the cord came out without the placenta! It turned out she had a velamentous insertion of the cord, meaning it was not inserted into the placenta but had made a path to the placenta through the amniotic sac. Her cord was not protected. I knew that this could have ended badly for both of us had things not happened as they did. But God, in His grace, provided a safe delivery for both Lillian and I.

As Christians we have to be in tune to the Holy Spirit and be willing to relinquish our plans into His hands. I could have fought it, but I don't want to think what could have happened if I had not heeded His voice or my husband's opinion. Today, Lillian is a vibrant and healthy 3 year old and I am so blessed to have a daughter!

Listen to the Holy Spirit!

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