Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Conversation Follow-up

This past Saturday I hosted my first Childbirth Conversation in over a year and it was wonderful. God really blessed that time and used it to strengthen and encourage me, as I hope it did those who attended. Eight ladies from many different backgrounds and experiences gathered together to talk about birth and other things related to pregnancy and birth. Great questions were asked, great advice from those who have gone before was given. It was far more than I could have hoped and prayed for. God is so good and blesses obedience.

I look forward to having another conversation later this year, either late summer or early fall. The idea was shared of including a time for husbands to come and talk with other men in the future, and it was received well. I hope to be able to include this next time!

If you have been part of one of these conversations, please share your experience with others and write in the comments below!

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