Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Can We Be Prepared Spiritually?

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From the moment you know you are pregnant, pray like you have never prayed before! God is the One who has made your child and it is not a surprise to Him that you are expecting a baby. He is the One who will grow and nurture your baby in your womb. He is the One who knows what your birth will be like. He knows!

Since God knows, you need to be connected to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. When we  place our faith in Christ, God's Holy Spirit indwells in us and we have a direct connection to God. God is our strength and our redeemer. So to be prepared spiritually first and foremost, we must have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Once we have a relationship with God we need to call out to Him, worship Him, praise Him, trust Him. We need to seek God day in and day out. Pray to God constantly. Ask Him for what you need. Tell Him your fears. Grow your relationship with God as you commune with Him.

We must also grow in knowledge of God by knowing His Word. Satan likes to attack women with lies and this seems to be even more true of pregnant women. We must fill our head with God's Word to combat those lies and trust God to do what is best and will bring Him glory. Learn Scripture and hide it in your heart.

Another important thing is admit your fears to God. Let Him know how you are feeling, what you are thinking. Tell God what you desire for your birth. Be open and honest with God and let Him be your strength and your courage.

What do you need to do to begin preparing spiritually for pregnancy and/or childbirth?

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