Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jamey's Birth

From the Archives

When I became pregnant with my first child I had been working in labor and delivery for about 2 years and had a clear idea of what I did and did not want for my birth. I did not want an epidural (I have a real fear of needles). I did not want to be induced or have my water broken. And I definitely did not want a c-section. I wanted a completely natural picturesque labor. I was definitely an idealist.

At 40 1/2 weeks we discussed induction. My husband is a NICU nurse and was clear he was not comfortable with me going past 41 weeks. I wanted to wait a little longer, but my midwife was on call the day I turned 41 weeks and was fine inducing me on a Sunday since she would be there, so Jim and I agreed this was best. I was nervous but thankful I was already 3 cm dilated to start with. 

Sunday morning I arrived at the hospital a little early and got some breakfast before checking in. I was so blessed to get to choose my nurses since I worked on the unit and had Shannon, a wonderful Christian woman who was supportive of my going natural. The pitocin was started at 9 am and I watched TV and chilled as I waited for it to kick me into full labor. Around 11:45 am my water broke on its own, which was a huge blessing! They did discover meconium and attempted to put in an internal monitor, but were unable to because the baby's head was too engaged. At this point labor became very intense. I had already been quoting Psalm 23 here and there, but at this point all that got me through the contractions was focusing on God being my help and Jim applying strong pressure to my lower back. (He got quite a work out too.) 

I am not sure what the time was, but I started feeling the urge to push, but was sadly informed I was only 6 cm; way too far to think about pushing. I talked with Jim briefly, but decided since the NICU team would already be present to take Fentanyl to help take the edge off. It did it's job! It's a short acting drug and by the time it wore off it was time to push! 

It was great to get to push! It took a little while as the baby was big. There were a lot of people there, I guess they thought the baby might get stuck, and working there they had a very watchful eye on me. I was definitely struggling a bit and was tired. Then one of my doctor's asked me if I was sure about not getting an epidural. He thought he might need to use forceps and did not want to hurt me. Forceps was, apparently, all I needed to hear to get me motivated. After that the baby was out in 2 or 3 pushes!

I was so relieved! I looked at Jim and asked, "what is the baby?" (We did not find out the gender.)

Jim's smile was so wide, "It's a boy!" I couldn't believe I had a son. It was amazing and wonderful!

The NICU team took him immediately to assess whether the meconium was in his airway. He was with the for a few minutes and got the "all clear". It was incredible to hold my first child, my son, in my arms. I was so thankful for how well it had gone. God was so good to me in my labor and delivery.

I did have, barely, a 2nd degree tear from him being so big. Thankfully the stitching went quickly and I was able to hold him again soon after. Jim was beaming as he looked at our son, who we named after him, James Marshall. I had no other complications and my healing went well. I was able to walk and move around soon after giving birth. It was great.

As soon as it was done I wanted to do it again! I'm one of those nuts who loves giving birth. God has truly blessed me. 

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