Monday, April 7, 2014

Is Vaginal Pain and Pressure Something to Be Concerned About?

This question comes from a friend who was experiencing this.

There are a lot of new feelings and sensations that can come from being pregnant. It is not unusual to have twinges of pain or pressure in the vagina throughout pregnancy. Toward the end of pregnancy pressure will increase as the baby puts more pressure into vaginal canal, especially as the baby drops. Often being up on your feet all day can also increase the amount of pressure you feel and can even cause sharp pains. Try lying down. If it begins to subside it is normal. As the baby moves pains can come as the baby hits different areas, particularly the cervix. When the baby hits the cervix it often feels like a sharp stab that lasts for only a moment. All of this is normal and is not anything to be concerned about.

If vaginal pain is accompanied by bleeding call your doctor immediately and get checked out. If pain is not resolved after lying down I also recommend calling your doctor and get their recommendation. If it is not during office hours and you are concerned you can go to the hospital to get evaluated.

Have you experienced vaginal pain or pressure?

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