Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Advocating for Yourself in Labor

I want to delve a little more into advocating for yourself. Today I want to discuss advocating for yourself during labor.

First off to be able to advocate for yourself you need to be educated. You need to know generally what you want and be familiar with things that can go different as planned. Clearly you cannot know everything, but basic information and prayer can help you prepare.

There are times you may end up with a nurse or a provider that may not agree with your decisions and possibly pressure you into making a decision you are not comfortable with. There are clearly times when things need to be different, but I'm talking about when you are pressured to get medication or have interventions taken or might even be refused medication for some reason.

I want to be clear, you are the only one who can give consent to have medical treatment done unless it is a life or death situation. You are your own advocate. You can have others there to help you make decisions, but only you can make the call. Again, be polite and gracious, but do not be afraid to be firm in your decisions.

You can refuse medications and interventions.
You can ask for medications and interventions.
You can ask to be checked.
You can ask to be left alone.

This can be difficult in labor, but it is still your job. So pray, be prepared, have a plan, make sure your husband is on board with your plan and be ready to stand on your decision no matter what pressures come.

Have you had to advocate for yourself? Did your plans ever have to change?

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  1. I was terrible at this. Ask beforehand how doctors in a practice handle labor procedures for the laboring woman after Her water is broken. I had one doctor insist I use a bedpan and be continuously monitored, this was baby number 4 and all previ poo us births I had been allowed to move about the room freely after my water had broken. I was frustrated, but didn't think to talk to the doctor, I just went off the nurse's word about the doctor's orders.


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