Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Other Reasons for C-sections

There are other considerations for having a c-section than the reasons mentioned yesterday that may not be known until labor or you have more of an option as to whether or not you will have a c-section.

  1. Previous c-section- This one is tricky as the research goes "back and forth" as to the phrase "once a c-section, always a c-section" is really best. Having a previous c-section is something that must be considered, but does not mean you must have another c-section. Ask your provider where they stand.
  2. Multiple Pregnancy- When pregnant with more than one baby it may be recommended that you have a c-section, especially if one or more babies is not positioned ideally. Providers will consider allowing you to labor with twins, but typically if there are more than twins, they are unlikely to allow you to labor. 
  3. CPD- This is an abbreviation that means the baby's head does not fit in your pelvis. This is something that will likely not be known until you are actually in labor and may not discover until you have been laboring a while. Occasionally you may know if you have an oddly shaped pelvis ahead of time, giving you a heads up that this could be an issue, but many times this is not known until later. 
  4. Labor being too long- This, of course, you cannot know ahead of time. Having a long labor is not indicative of needing a c-section, but often times, especially if you are in a hospital laboring, this will give providers "concern" and you can end up with a c-section.
  5. Prolonged Rupture of Membranes- This, too, would not be known ahead of time. Once your water has broken you are "on the clock" in the hospital setting. They like the baby to be delivered by 24 hours after this happening. At the 24 hour mark it is likely they will begin talking about a c-section, especially if progress is slow. 
  6. Placenta accreta- This occurs when the placenta is implanted to deeply and firmly into the uterine wall. If it is caught ahead of time a c-section may be scheduled in the hopes of saving the uterus. 
There might be other reasons, but these are the common ones that happen fairly often. Have you had experience with these? Are there other reasons you can think of?

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