Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Amniocentesis is not routine test, but I want to give it a brief mention in case someone may be needing to decide if it's a test they need to do. These are done after the triple screen and early ultrasound if something seems wrong. This test is very invasive and can pose a threat to both mom and baby.

Amniocentesis involves removing some of the amniotic fluid around the baby by inserting a needle in the woman's stomach under the guide of ultrasound. The fluid is then tested, typically looking for genetic disorders such as Down's Syndrome, Tay-sachs or Sickle Cell Anemia. If you are wanting to know if there is a genetic issue going on with your child, it is 99% accurate.

This is not a test to be taken lightly, however, because it is invasive. Though complications are rare it can cause pre-term labor, infection or miscarriage.

Again, amniocentesis is not routine and should be prayed over before performing. It can be a great tool if needed but also can be a great risk. We need wisdom in this.

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