Friday, February 28, 2014

Cord Prolapse

This is another area I want to delve a little deeper into so people are more aware of this issue and know how to manage and what to expect if this occurs. I am thankful this does not happen frequently, but when it does it is a life or death situation for the baby.

What is umbilical cord prolapse?

An umbilical cord prolapse is when the umbilical cord comes out of the vaginal opening ahead of the baby. When this occurs, pressure is put on the cord cutting off oxygen to the baby, necessitating a quick delivery. 

What happens when this is found?

If the cord is in the vaginal cavity, you will immediately be laid as far back as possible and the bed put in the trendelenburg position (you will feel like you are standing on your head in the bed). A nurse or midwife will put her hand into your vagina and push the baby up into your uterus to take pressure off of the cord and you will be immediately rushed to an OR for a c-section.

What if I am not in the hospital when this happens?

If your water breaks and you can tell there is a cord coming out of your vagina find some way to get your hips in the air immediately! Then call 911 or have someone else to it if they are with you. Keep your hips in the air until you are positioned by the paramedics and they can help get the baby off the cord.

What are some risk factors?

Your water rupturing prematurely, having too much amniotic fluid, having a very long umbilical cord, the baby in an unfavorable position for delivery and having multiples

Do you have any experience with this type of emergency? 

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