Wednesday, February 19, 2014


What is an epidural?

An epidural is placed in the epidural space in your back. I needle is used to place a catheter in this space and medicine is giving continuously through the catheter. What is put in the epidural depends on where you are and is typically a combination. Ask your provider what they use in their epidurals.

What are some pros of an epidural? 

  • If placed well there is complete pain relief with the ability to feel pressure when it's time to push
  • Ability to sleep/rest during your labor
  • If you have been in labor for a long time with out progressing it can help speed up dilation
  • If a c-section is needed you already have it in place
What are some cons of an epidural?
  • Can cause your blood pressure to drastically decrease- If too low can lead to distress with the baby
  • Unable to get out of bed in most places
  • Cannot eat or drink (ice chips only)
  • Can slow down labor process- (if this happens you may be given pitocin)
  • May not be able to feel to push
  • Catheter is needed to empty your bladder
When needed, epidurals are great tools to have. Again I encourage you to pray over whether or not this is the best option for you. 

What have been your experiences with epidurals?

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  1. Personally, I am scared to death of needles, especially epidurals. I have struggled with this my whole life. Therefore, by God's grace, I have never had an epidural and been blessed with really great deliveries. Praying I will be able to avoid an epidural again this time.


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