Saturday, August 23, 2014

God is in Every Birth

If there is one thing I see in every birth story I read, it is that God is in it. From my best to my worst, the one common thread is seeing God's hand moving in me. I shared awhile ago that this birth was much harder than I expected. But what I have learned most from this is that God was still there. Emotionally speaking, He was the only one there with me. The nurse He gave me that day was wonderful and really helped me as I struggled through intense pain like I have never experienced before. She was God's voice to me, telling me that I was doing well and encouraging me to persevere.

God was there! 

I think back to my other births and I see the weaving of God's story in the middle of all of them. Without God, I would not even have birth stories to share. He is the Creator of all life and nothing has breath apart from Him. God is in every birth.

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