Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To Know or Not To Know

With technology today everyone wants to know ahead of time what the gender of their baby is. It's exciting and fun to help prepare for the little one to come. Our family has been quite the opposite. In fact we only found out with 1 of the 7! And it wasn't the first, it was the 6th!

For us not knowing has added so much to the excitement and anticipation of having another baby and for me it's so fun to have Jim tell me the gender of the baby after I give birth. It's so amazing to hear him say, "It's a ...". We are anxiously awaiting those amazing and fun words right now! It might even be adding to the anxiety! Does that mean it was a bad decision? Not for me. Not knowing gets me through! But I know for others that is not the case. If you think you want to wait, you can do it!

So how about you? Have you found out the gender ahead of time? How did you decide?

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