Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can I Eat During Labor?

This is a very common question from first time moms, with both easy and complicated answers. Can you eat while in labor?


However, if you are in a hospital they will not let you have anything but clear liquids or Popsicles (find out what the rules are for where you are delivering). If you have an epidural, you cannot have anything but ice chips.

Why is this?

Primarily health care providers are concerned about the need for a c-section. If there is an emergency and intubation is needed there is a risk of aspiration, which is when stomach contents are thrown up and go into the lungs and can cause many problems. The likelihood of these things happening is not great, but hospitals are not likely to take chances with this.

Therefore, if you are wanting to eat while in labor, I recommend staying home as long as possible or plan to have a birth at home or in a birthing center that allows you to eat.

Did you eat during labor?

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