Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Redeeming the Division

I am breaking from my normal routine to share with you an online course that I am privileged to be apart of. Redeeming the Division: The Quiet Fight Among Women is a new course by Angie Tolpin that seeks to aid women in coming together to love each other as Sisters in Christ and learn from one another instead of being silently divided. This was inspired by the first two chapters of Redeeming Childbirth, "Every Woman Has Her Story" and "Redeeming the Division." It was through this book I first met Angie. I joined the launch team for this course, because the vision of this course is the reason I began Childbirth Conversations, to help women come together to talk about birth, share experiences and learn from those who have gone before. Redeeming the Division seeks to do this beyond birth, which is why I am sharing it with you today.

I will be working through this online course and writing about it on my personal blog, The Manor Manor, throughout June (or until I have my baby). I would love for you to go through it as well and share what you are learning. There is currently a pre-purchase discount throughout the launch month of June, so grab it now.

During June there is also a giveaway, where Angie will be giving away a free course and an Apple iWatch. Jump on over and check it out.

How have you experienced the quiet fight in birth?

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