Friday, January 31, 2014

Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin

This book is listed on the resources page under spiritual preparation. After talking a little about spiritual preparation yesterday, I wanted to do a review of this book for those who may be interested.

Angie Tolpin is a mother of 6 with a lot of experience in birthing babies. She writes with a level of enthusiasm that I identify with as I believe that birth is an amazing spiritual experience. It is clear in this book that women need to be talking about birth together in light of God and who He is as the Creator of all things. A vast array of topics are covered in the book from the beginning of pregnancy to the delivery.

There is a lot I like in this book: giving God the glory for designing childbirth, resources for seeking God throughout pregnancy and labor, practical suggestions to consider in childbirth, what to think about when planning your birth, Scripture verses and resources to go to, how to make your birthing room a mission field, being a Titus 2 woman in sharing your experiences with other women and a note to husbands. I love the emphasis on seeking God that is woven throughout the whole book and for that would highly recommend it.

What I did not like about the book was that there was an undertone that seemed to indicate that it is more spiritual to have a natural birth than other births. She is very sweet and gracious in the way she writes it, but it is still there.

I would absolutely recommend this book for the spiritual elements in it, but feel that I have to give the above disclaimer so people will know before reading it.

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