What is Childbirth Conversations?

The purpose of Childbirth Conversations is to be a resource and place for open dialogue for women about pregnancy and childbirth. When pregnant with my 4th child God really opened my eyes to the division among His people with regard to childbirth and He gave me the desire and vision to begin a class for women to come and talk openly and freely about pregnancy and childbirth without fear of judgement. My background in labor and delivery as well as having 6 (almost 7) children has really helped me in combining the medical and the natural in a way that is informative and balances the issues with facts.

My plans for this blog are to share information, birth stories, resources, and to open up dialogue and questions to help women be better prepared for their births, in particular preparing them spiritually, but also to give information to help prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for this amazing event. Childbirth is a gift from the Lord and we need to be prepared for what He is going to do in it.

Please feel free to ask questions, give answers and recommend resources. I ask you to be sensitive to others and be gracious in how you respond. If I feel anything is handled inappropriately I will delete it from the blog. Also know that this website is for anyone, but I am a Christian and will be handling this site, to the best of my ability, in a Christian manner and ask that you respect that. If you have any question as to what is appropriate please feel free to ask. Thank you for your input and helping others.

Welcome to the conversation!

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