Monday, April 27, 2015

Why Do We Need To Have Conversations About Childbirth?

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This is a really great question, that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. As a labor and delivery nurse I saw women come in frequently that thought they knew exactly what was going to happen. They would labor for a while, get their epidural (or not if they thought natural might be better), relax and then push a baby out in an hour or less. They might have taken a class if they felt like it, but thought what they saw on TV or read on the internet was good enough to get them through. It was during this time that I wondered why women did not better educate themselves about all of childbirth, including medications and complications.

Then I began having kids and even as an L&D nurse I began talking to those who had gone before me, especially with un-medicated labor to find out what their experiences were like. Though I knew this intellectually from working in the industry, I began to see every body had different experiences and different ways of coping in labor. People also made different decisions for various reasons. As I prepared for my first birth I took advice from here and there to have my plan. This helped me to realize we needed to have these conversations to educate ourselves.

Fast forward to my fourth pregnancy and God began to really impress upon me that He wanted unity among women in the church despite our differences in childbirth. It is a very touchy subject for many, but this should not be the case among God's people. We need to be able to give advice graciously and receive it well. We need to be able to ask questions without fear and judgement. From my background God grew in me a desire to bring together both the medical and the natural in an effort to help women be as educated as possible about birth and leave the rest in His hands.

So to summarize we need to have these conversations to:

  1. Educate ourselves on childbirth
  2. Learn from those who have gone before us
  3. Learn to trust in God who is over our births
  4. Be unified in loving and encouraging one another in the faith
There are many more reasons I could get into, but to me these are the ones to start with. I hope this will encourage you to go out and talk to others about their experiences as well as share yours. We need each other, ladies. God created us for community.

If you live in the Louisville area and would like to get in on community, join us for the upcoming Childbirth Conversation Class!

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