Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Psalm and A Hymn

When I was first asking friends about how to prepare for an unmedicated birth, my friend Kim gave me some great advice that has helped me with all of my births. 

First, memorize a Psalm. Yesterday we talked in depth about memorizing Scripture. She recommended a Psalm as they are so rich in feeling and depth and are often heart cries of the soul or worship and praise to God. Any passage of Scripture that causes you to meditate on God could fit here, so it does not have to be a Psalm, but consider it. Let God speak to your heart in these rich passages.

Second, a hymn. Hymns are full of deep, rich theology. Humming and/or singing during labor can help tremendously with pain and discomfort. So if you are going to hum or sing, why not sing a song of praise to the Lord? Find a song that helps you to worship and use it to focus on God during your labor. 

What Psalm and hymn have you learned or would like to focus on?

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  1. Psalm 23 has always spoken to my heart and has helped me through my labors. My hymn is "How Great Thou Art" as I remember how great God is in creating new life and bringing new life into the world.


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